by the mighty sun

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this record was cobbled together over the course of a month from half-finished recordings spanning the last year. this is what the mighty sun is when he is not trying to be a different thing. much is electronic, much is live and lo-fi. some is one-take oldschool recording, some is edited together with a computer. i hope you enjoy it.

this record is licensed under creative commons, so feel free to use it in your stuff. you may sample parts for commercial use, but overall please use in non-commercial stuff or ask me or whatevs.


released December 31, 2015

solus nebevay made this record, front to back.

the voice sampled for "stranded" belongs to Thea Tochihara.




the mighty sun San Diego, California

the mighty sun is Solus Nebevay, a wandering showman of dubious origins. he thanks you for your time.

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Track Name: statistical anomalies
pieces of stars is all we are,
burning through life on our way out
sleepy atoms on a train in the night,
quantum linked so tight
born in the beginning and will die
at the very end of time
if it's all physics,
we could only be here now.

i was getting along in the dark,
leaving my footprints underground
saw you walking home and a moment,
and everything is right
the culmination of infinite time,
we're so fragile, so divine
if it's mathematics,
i could only be with you.
if it's mathematics,
i could only ever be with you.

i can't refute the science
i can't see the code beneath
but every process ends
with the start of you and me
and if there is no grand design
to underline the path we find,
then we are just anomalies,
statistical anomalies...
and that's fine.
Track Name: Rap No. 8 in A minor for Toy Piano and Ondes Martinot
time to start thinking of dreaming of somebody else
time to direct all your effort, to take better care of yourself
there's always a reason believing that something will change
without changing a thing in your life, without seeing how choices you've made
are the bricks in the wall you've been building,
and all of the cracks
are pieces of misinformation you've taken as fact
and sections are missing where you wouldn't listen,
when my only mission is clarity, vision, and wisdom
and that joy you can't seem to rejoin, though you mean to,
avoiding the answer you already know, and you see through
your plan that you know cannot lead you to happiness
that in itself is just breaking my heart
you are building a dream that you mean just to take it apart
and all of the dark that you feel in your head is just taking up room
that instead could be used to be planning your move to a groove without dread,
but the needle keeps skipping, so just go to bed.

even when you don't respond to the things that i say,
even when i'm sick and tired, you know that i won't go away
these things stick around in your soul and won't go
and there's no way to stop it and no way to hold it at bay
without seeing someone who knows what they're doing
it's so damn hard to give up what you see as control,
but it's an illusion - i get the confusion,
it's daunting to loosen your grip and to give it to someone you don't even know.
know, no matter what, you are loved and above all the pressure
you feel to appeal to my need to be liked, i won't fight,
but I need you to fight for yourself,
to hell with the swell of immediate hurt,
you are worth more than all of the half-hearted laughter on earth.
Track Name: stranded
we are getting along famously
scones and marmalade and tea
we were nameless up to this moment
and it's a long way down
to the bottom of the sound
and the tide is pulling round

we will be stranded
we will be left without a crew
broken and branded with you
for a little while

the theft of a heartbeat
and a nervousness
and a pure, perfect purposelessness
you were worthless -
it said so in your file
and if you're gonna do it right,
you're gonna wanna learn to fight
or i'll be swallowed whole into the night

and you will be stranded
if you can't think what to do
stand in the wreckage, just you
for a little while

and we will be stranded
we will be left without a crew
broken and branded with you
for a little while
Track Name: adrift
we were all waiting for the wind to fail
before we even sweet sail.
then you escaped from your forgotten jail
and locked the door behind you, no one the wiser.

girl, you break my heart.
you paint me perfect until i start the record up again,
and when i turn around, you are not anywhere.

back when we listened to the radio,
we could never predict we'd die in the wasteland.
there was a reason, and we can't fix that now.
time will bleach our bones,
and the wind will blow our dust together until we're one.

i think i'm done.
yeah, we're out of time, but hey, it's been fun.
and if you look around,
you'll find the warning signs were littered everywhere.

twisting out of time, i feel the braid,
all the eyes on part of me,
adrift in the middle of the ocean,
the tired sun swallowed into the sea.
Track Name: sun and moon (you will rock)
over time you'll see exactly what you need
and over time you will be glad we stopped it here
before we needed a bigger living room to breathe
for what it's worth i tried to do this earlier
for what it's worth i tried to do without the hurt
before we cared this deeply

and for a while
the sunlight fades and you'll forget to smile.
for a year
you won't see the point in coming here
but give it time
and give it space.
you'll be back, and you will rock the place.

i gave to you what i could never give myself
i held you up and i refused to ask for help
we were broken and i could not just let it go
we understand and so we think that makes us strong
but now i know what i suspected all along
we spiral around, and

never in control
accretion disc encircling the black hole
so many tears
one for every thing we thought we'd share
but give it time
and give it space
you'll be back, and you will rock the place.

so much i wanted to do
adventures of sun and moon
i had to break my own heart
to save you
i’m sorry.
i’m so sorry.

and things were said as i was walking out the door
i hope you realize that i could not love you more
my whole life is better because it included you
i gave you up because i could not keep you down
we’ve both made strides to turn our lives around
i hope you see that i needed you more than
i could say
the sun will set and rise another day
it tears us up
and it will seem like years won’t be enough
but give it time,
and give it space
you’ll be back and you will rock the place
Track Name: see you after the riot
turn around to face it down or die
soar into the newly bluing sky.
falling backward into your arms, now
sinking into you and blinking out.

and if we can laugh at this
then we can do anything, be anything
be happy and magnificent
and some day soon, we’ll conquer all the world.
a crazy boy and a similarly crazy girl.
yeah, we’ll conquer the world

floating into space
it’s good to see your face
after the all clear
i will meet your here
we’ll never know until we try it.
i’ll see you after the riot.

see my heart beat
feel the clouds beneath our feet
we are opening the future
with words we thought we’d lost
without hesitation
no matter what it cost
i’m so happy.

turn around to face it down or die
soar into the newly bluing sky.
falling backward into your arms, now
sinking into you and blinking out.

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